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Executive Coaching, Leadership and Talent Advisory Services

Our Services

Executive Coaching

This is typically a six to eight month engagement with Mohit Misra, a world renowned Executive Coach. He follows an empirically tested four-step process, honed over two decades in three different continents. The four steps are-

1) Goal alignment- We need to align the goal of the coaching itself.

2) Assessment- This typically involves no more than one or two instruments- a verbal 360 with key stakeholders vested in the individual’s success, generally no more than 8-10 people.

3) One on one Sessions with Mohit Misra- These could be a blend between F2F sessions and Zoom meetings. Mohit believes that Coachees should have unlimited contact with him over the course of the agreement. While eight to ten meetings are typical, it is not uncommon for Coachees to call for just-in-time coaching sessions!

4) The Way Forward- While this is sometimes referred to as the formal “close”- no one loses touch with Mohit. He is always there to coach and guide you in your path forward both in your Performance at work in in Life!

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One day Capability to Coach

It is only one day and the small class size ensures that you get personal attention plus get skilled at Executive Coaching in your role.

This is perfect if you are keen on raising your performance, upskiling yourself or your team at one go.

Typically, the day starts with an intense inquiry into the practice of Coaching, the outcomes desired, the process and skills needed to be a great Coach in your Business role and/or Personal Life.

Mohit brings in his 30 years of experience with both organizations and his teaching to create an atmosphere that participants of his training have called “electric” and “life changing”. He has conducted trainings in different parts of the world from Singapore to Australia to US to the UK.

Priced competitively to match the local affordability, please get in touch with Mohit at for custom programs for practitioners and organizations around the world. 

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Talent and HR Consulting

Given his extensive background in Finance, Technology, Life Sciences, Chemicals and Consulting itself, Mohit is highly sought after for his expertise by CEOs and CHROs on various issues facing them around People and Culture.

A sample of issues he has consulted on recently have been-

1) Consulting to a large Bank facing turnover issues. Mohit and his team, worked with the Head of HR to figure out first if there was a real issue in the first place, designed a program to figure out a way to plug the drain from the organization and devised strategies to reduce turnover which is yielding remarkable results.

2) Capability building in the organization. He has been a Master trainer in capability building programs in the organization that build the muscle around change and the Future of Work.

3) He has been consulted on bringing Professionals back to office and creating the right portfolio for Work from Home and Work from Office policies.


Mohit Misra

Mohit Misra is a Senior Advisor with McKinsey & Company. He specializes in the areas of leadership, learning and organization capability. Mohit has had over 20 years of experience in various roles in human capital in Asia, Europe and North America. Mohit’s most recent roles have been in:

1) Chemours as Chief Talent Officer where he was responsible for Leadership Development, Succession Planning, Learning and Development, Diversity & Inclusion and help craft the operating culture for all 7,000 employees.

2) Novartis where he was Global Head of Talent Management and OD for the Oncology division, a 12bn dollar operation with 9,000 employees around the world.

3) Bank of America where he was Senior Vice President and overseeing Learning and Development for all Global Technology and Operations covering ~ 75,000 around the globe.

4) Towers Perrin, where he was a Senior Consultant in Strategy and Organization practice based in Singapore. Mohit started his career as a teacher at the prestigious Doon School in Dehradun, India.

From an education perspective, Mohit has an MBA from the Asian Institute of Management and Masters in Human Development and Psychology from Harvard University.

Mohit is a sought after speaker on the topic of leadership development and culture. He has a successful podcast titled Leadership Under 3 Minutes.

When Mohit is not following his passion of cricket, he is either playing with his dog, Simba, or spending time with his family, his lovely wife, Rica and their three beautiful children - Sanjay, 17, Sachin, 15 and Shyla 12 in their home in Philadelphia, United States.

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Mohit is livewire in the workshop setting. He oozes both energy and warmth at the same time. Really, its surprising.

Allen G.

Mohit is one of the most pragmatic Executive Coaches I have come across. HE knows all the theory but never takes you down a rabbit hole. He exudes calm and always tries to take the right step forward with you.

Micky L.

Capability to Coach (C2C) is an astonishingly simple but powerful program that Mohit makes come alive in a manner only he can. The experience, knowledge and energy are there for everyone to see.

Rodney J.



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